About Phaeacian Partners

Who We Are

The Phaeacian Partners Journey

We are long-term fundamental value investors who have helped build long track records with well-known advisory teams. We have spent over 20 years scouring global markets to find investment opportunities across a wide range of sectors, researching and analyzing hundreds of businesses, and establishing local intelligence networks. In the last decade, we assembled a team of seasoned, passionate and talented professionals and built industry-leading track records managing our own investment strategies (now the Phaeacian Funds). The final step of our journey was to create a standalone organization that provides our fellow shareholders with best-in-class operations, and an exciting long-term opportunity for the team: Phaeacian Partners.

Phaeacian Islands seen from hill
Seaview from hill

The Origin of the Phaeacian Name

According to the Odyssey, the Phaeacians were a mythical people of ancient Greece who inhabited the secluded island of Scheria. Governed by a small group, they avoided the follies of the Trojan War and developed a society dedicated to the art of seafaring. This included knowledge of all countries, the craft to build extraordinary, unsinkable ships and unparalleled navigation skills. Those entrusting themselves to Phaeacian vessels would be carried safely to their destinations. As long-term fundamental value investors, we rely on decades of acquired knowledge, critical thinking and travel around the world to find investments that can generate strong returns while minimizing the risk of permanent losses. Like the Phaeacians, we provide our ships and navigation skills to anyone seeking our help to travel through the tumultuous global investment waters.

Investing like Phaeacians

As long-term, fundamental, value investors, we rely on decades of acquired knowledge and critical thinking. We travel the world to find investments that have the potential to generate strong returns while aiming to manage the risk of permanent losses. Like the Phaeacians, we provide our ships and navigation skills to anyone seeking our help to travel through the tumultuous global investment waters.

Pierre O. Py, Founding Partner

Culture like Phaeacians

As an organization, we are a group of talented individuals driven by a common passion for investing and trained to one investment philosophy and process. Like the Phaeacians, we adopted the framework we needed to limit outside distractions, focus on execution and work together to deliver results. We derive a sense of pride and satisfaction from focusing on our craft and bringing our services to those who place their trust in us.

Greg Herr, Founding Partner

Ship In Open Waters

Pronoucing the Phaeacian name

Phaeacian (Fī′ ā shen)

As contrarians, we know uncomfortable situations can provide the best opportunities. Like our investment approach, our firm and its name are unlike anything customary in the industry. In the end, we like that some will need to pause to say it, think about it and ask about it.

Our Core Values

Investment Core Values


We employ one concentrated, qualitative approach to long-term fundamental value investing whereby we focus on our best ideas while attempting to avoid higher risk, lower quality and more expensive businesses.


We take a consistent, disciplined approach to company selection. Our process is bottom-up and research-driven. We travel the world meeting with industry participants and conduct proprietary assessments of businesses.


We are not deep value investors looking for the cheapest stocks. We seek the right combination of price and quality. Estimated intrinsic values are our sole compass to identify opportunities.


Our investment goals are best achieved by taking a long-term, often contrarian approach. We consider ourselves owners of businesses and are happy to be invested in perpetuity, subject to valuation.

Firm's Differentiating Factors


Phaeacian is a single purpose entity: One team, One philosophy, One process. The firm is independent and focused on investing.  As co-owners of the firm and the funds, our interests are aligned with our investors.


Our investment focus allows us the flexibility to go where opportunities are. Our long-term horizon gives us the advantage of time in short-sighted markets. Using quantitative analysis and valuation as our compass takes away subjective considerations and psychological biases.


We use specific techniques to conduct company meetings, manage a research process and encapsulate a broad range of information into an assessment of intrinsic value.


Our discipline comes down to two simple things: having the patience to wait for opportunities to invest, and having the knowledge, conviction and courage to act when the time comes.


We have all been trained to follow the same approach but, most importantly, we share a passion for investing, a mindset of business owners and a limitless commitment to our craft. 

Firm's Core Beliefs

1. We seek to act with integrity and always put our clients first

2. We are aligned with our shareholders

We manage our funds the way we would want our own money to be managed, we have a large portion of our investable net worth invested in these funds, and we are substantial owners of the firm.

3. We are independent

We are an independent, employee-owned and controlled investment management firm. We believe this is key to maintain a focus on investment along with consistency of philosophy and process.

4. We are investors first and foremost

We are firm believers in fundamental value investing and in our research-driven, bottom-up selection process. We seek to remain true to this investment discipline at all times and in all market conditions.

5. We are focused on the long term

Both as investors and as owners of a business, we always take the long-term approach. This is the best way we know to differentiate ourselves, create a successful organization, and build wealth and for our shareholders.

6. We are dedicated, passionate and committed

We work tirelessly because we are passionate about investing. We thoroughly enjoy researching businesses and finding investment opportunities. We plan on doing this for the rest of our lives.

7. We strive for excellence

We believe that our approach is unique and that our strategies offer better investment alternatives to investors. We are very competitively-minded and want to deliver superior returns while also minimizing risks.

8. We work together

We believe that the right individuals and experiences working together in the right  setting can consistently deliver superior returns over time. We rely on teamwork and collegiality to maintain robust long-term performance.

9. We are a meritocratic organization

Our view is that investing is output-based. Shareholders expects us to deliver superior returns and will reward us with their trust for doing so. Similarly, we promote and reward team members based on contribution to performance.

10. We are community minded

Going forward, we want to share the success of the business with our communities.

The Phaeacian Partners Model: “the 4Ps”

We believe the foundation for long-term investment success requires a well-defined investment philosophy that is applied consistently, at all times, through all market conditions. Effective implementation and execution requires a clear process and structure that can be easily articulated.

With a well-articulated philosophy and associated research process in place, our structure is built around our “4Ps”:

People – Over the past decade, we have assembled a team of talented investment professionals. They are all generalists and true stock-pickers, passionate about investing, with a research-driven, long-term, fundamental value approach.

Products – Everything we do is based on one investment philosophy and one process, offering solutions that adequately match the needs of investors. In every instance we believe we are well-positioned to offer the highest quality solution available in the market.

Our structure also provides long-term opportunities to our team members, so we do not lose the benefits of developing their talents in the long run. Over the past decade, we have patiently developed a suite of products, all using the same approach, that we think address both issues.

Performance – Offering a suite of products only works if our approach translates into superior returns across them all. Having the right people should translate into superior results and, over the past decade, we have demonstrated we can generate such performance.

Platform – None of this can be achieved without the right support from a high-quality operating platform. The creation of Phaeacian Partners in 2020, in partnership with Polar Capital, gives us, as a single-purpose entity (one team, one philosophy, one process) that is independent and employee-owned, a structure we believe is the most conducive to success for talented investment professionals. It also provides the firm, through its relationship with Polar Capital, gold standard operational support and the institutional heft that is so critical in the highly regulated asset management industry.

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Our funds have a long-term track record. Both share the same investment philosophy and process which has been honed over many years.