About Phaeacian Partners

Management Team

Phaeacian Partners was founded by Pierre O. Py and Greg Herr in partnership with Polar Capital. Prior to establishing Phaeacian Partners in 2020, Pierre and Greg worked together at First Pacific Advisors (FPA) where they assembled the team. They are both owners and managing partners of the firm. Together, they share a common vision of investing as well as business management.

Investment Team

The investment team, which manages all of Phaeacian’s Funds and strategies, includes the managing partners and three other analysts, whom they have worked with for many years. The group is also supported by a research logistics specialist. The team is made of seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience at leading industry firms, who share a common focus on long-term fundamental investing. Over the years, we have identified hundreds of businesses we would like to own throughout the world that form our coverage universe. We consistently monitor these companies while patiently awaiting opportunities to purchase their stocks at a significant discount. Rotating capital among companies on our list is one of the hallmarks of our approach. The team follows a geographic coverage model whereby each member is accountable and has traveling responsibility for a group of countries and the specific companies we follow in each of these markets.

Business Development Team

Phaeacian Partners leverages the international distribution capability of Polar Capital. Below are the individuals responsible for Phaeacian, with Alastair Barrie being the primary contact.  

Polar expedition

Our Partnership with Polar Capital

In setting up our business, finding the right partner was critical. Polar Capital is a UK listed asset manager with over $30bn in assets across more than 20 strategies. Founded 20 years ago, the company has over 180 employees including over a dozen investment teams. Phaeacian Partners benefits from the established and experienced operations base of Polar Capital, which includes large operational, compliance, legal and risk management teams as well as a centralized trading desk.

Below, you can find the teams and resources behind the operation of Phaeacian Partners. 

Risk & Oversight
Product Management
Legal & Compliance
Client Services