Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Below is our commentary for the first quarter of 2021. In this document, we will update you on the Fund’s performance, discuss the key contributors to performance as well as any meaningful portfolio activity.

Performance update

During the first quarter of 2021, the Fund gained 4.96% (all figures in dollar terms, unless stated otherwise) net of fees and expenses compared to an increase of 4.57% for the MSCI All Country World Net TR Index (the Index).

Historical Annual Performance1


Quarter-end performance1

Q1 20211yr3yr5yr10yrYTD
1. Source: Northern Trust, as at March 31, 2021.

Portfolio discussion

Worst performers

The largest disclosed detractor to performance this quarter was Ubisoft. Based in France, the company is the world’s third-largest independent video game publisher, with a broad portfolio of well-known global game franchises. 

Over the past several years, the business was hit particularly hard by some disappointing new releases and delays in the development of important new games and franchises. While such difficulties are not uncommon in the industry, Ubisoft has since been impacted by challenges to its corporate culture and the subsequent loss of key talent. These departures, in turn, appear to have caused further delays in the release of new games that are potentially key to the company’s success in the medium term.

In the short term, this is hurting financial performance. Market sentiment toward Ubisoft remains negative as a result, and the stock has continued to trade at a significant discount to the value of the group’s production capabilities and intellectual property. As such, it remains a sizeable position in the portfolio.

Best performers

Based in the US, Alphabet is the holding company for Google, owner of many of the world’s leading online advertising platforms. Over time, the company has bolstered its position in digital advertising by increasing the efficacy of its search algorithms and collecting data that advertisers value. While the company was a positive contributor for the Fund in 2020 overall, the shares lagged behind the performance of many technology peers for the year. That trend reversed in the first quarter as the company reported better-than-expected growth from its advertising businesses and was the Fund’s largest contributor to performance. 

Portfolio activity

With global equity markets largely returned to pre-COVID-19 highs, we are not surprised to observe only a limited number of companies meeting our quality criteria and selling at attractive discounts. Casting our nets widely did allow us to find a few new purchase opportunities, including Danone and Fidelity National Information Services

Based in France, Danone is a leading global producer and marketer of dairy products, beverages, and infant and medical nutrition products. This is a company we have followed for many years and owned previously in the Fund. Over the past several years, however, results for the business repeatedly trailed market expectations. This underperformance included a major acquisition – at a full price – in the company’s core dairy segment. We purchased shares because of the recent changes to the Board of Directors and the company management team, coupled with an attractive discount to our estimate of intrinsic value.

Based in the US, Fidelity National Information Services is a leading global payments processor. The company provides core processing systems for banks and other financial institutions, and processes payments for merchants around the world. We believe this is a high-quality business, and the share price decline this quarter created an entry point for us to purchase the shares. 

The market rally also lifted many of our other holdings and we sold several, including Britvic, dormakaba, S4 Capital and SGS, as their share prices converged with our intrinsic value estimates. 

Based in the UK, Britvic manufactures and markets a wide range of soft drinks. Based in Switzerland, dormakaba is a global leader in security and access solutions. In our commentary for Q4 2020,  we highlighted our purchase of the company’s shares following the decline in price after the release of the H2 fiscal year results. Since then, the share price rebounded and reached our intrinsic value estimate, so we sold. We recognize the inefficiencies of this short holding period, but we prefer to accept those rather than taking on the risk of owning a company that is selling for more than we think it is worth. Based in the UK, S4 is a leading provider of digital advertising and marketing services. Based in Switzerland, SGS is a leading global provider of test, inspection, analysis and verification services.

We thank you, as always, for your confidence, and look forward to continuing to serve your interests as shareholders of the Phaeacian Global Value Fund.

Greg Herr & Pierre O. Py
Managing Directors, Phaeacian Partners

 Top 10 Holdings % 2

 Activision Blizzard3.11
 ISS A/S2.82
 Danone SA2.80
 Sony Corp2.70
 ASML Holding2.67
 Fidelity National Information2.65
 UBISOFT Entertainment2.64
2. Source: Northern Trust. Holdings are subject to change at any time, as of March 31, 2021.

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